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ChatterBox Now is a recent creation due to the social, political, and economic climates within our borders. This is a platform to allow our voices to be heard without prejudice in hope to create better conversations from all different walks of life. Just as our fore fathers have done before us, we, as the people shall be able to communicate equally and peacefully to initiate positive outcomes in our futures.

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  • Has Trump gone too far?
    Top U.S. general says no changes yet to transgender policy By Phil Stewart and Idrees Ali,Reuters WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of […]
  • Reason to flee from police officers.
    Citing disproportionate stops of black men by Boston police, the Massachusetts top court declared that black males may have a legitimate reason to flee from police […]
  • Zika Funding
    Congress came back from a seven-week break Tuesday and once again failed to move forward a bill that would pay for a federal Zika response. As […]
  • Should the United States have guaranteed sick leave laws?
    Sick leave in the United States By showing up for a 9/11 commemoration ceremony on Sunday, despite being diagnosed with pneumonia, the Democratic presidential hopeful was […]
  • Should Gary Johnson be allowed to debate?
    Should Gary Johnson be allowed to debate?    DENVER — Most presidential hopefuls spend their Septembers in places like Ohio and Florida, hoping to win over […]
  • Are today’s kids out of control?
    At one time or another, we have all heard someone say, “Kids these days…” in the lofty tone that suggests children from generations past were better […]
  • Race in America
    Part of being human, for better or worse, is drawing distinctions One narrative sometimes offered regarding the most recent U.S. presidential races is that concerning the […]
  • Do you think that Hillary Clinton’s health issues makes her unfit for office?
    The illness that could change the race The illness that sickened Hillary Clinton with pneumonia and caused her to have to be escorted away from September […]
  • Has the NFL gone too far?
    Should the NFL make an expection? Tennessee Titans linebacker, Avery Williamson planned on wearing these cleats tomorrow, but the NFL plans to fine him if he […]
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